Laughing Under The Clouds (Anime)

Genre: Historical

Status: Finished (currently no news of Season 2)

Author: Kemuri Karakara

Possible Other Titles: Doten Ni Warau

For those who are looking for an anime that doesn’t take up too much time, Laughing Under The Clouds is perfect. Spanning only 12 episodes and (currently) having a single season, watching this anime takes a second compared to long shows such as Naruto.

The anime takes place around the Edo and Meiji period in Japan and centers around the lives of three brothers: Tenka Kumo (oldest), Soramaru Kumo, and Chutaro Kumo (youngest). They lead a seemingly peaceful life until the appearance of an evil serpent named Orochi. With the appearance of the Orochi, all hell breaks loose and the brothers begin to distinguish friend from foe and rediscover their family bonds.

Unlike other historical anime, Doten ni Warau focuses more on the relationship between family members rather than their fights*. Therefore if you’re looking for an anime with rigorous battle scenes, Doten ni Warau isn’t for you. Though the fight scenes aren’t disappointing, they don’t have much vigor or tact compared to battle scenes from One Piece or Naruto. Also, the plot of Doten ni Warau is rather predictable especially from episode 10 and onward. There are some heart stopping moments where the plot takes a sudden twist, but otherwise the anime is more about “feels” rather than “suspense.” Overall, Doten ni Warau is a great anime to watch in your free time. I wouldn’t list it as addictive, but definitely have a pack of tissues nearby to prepare for the feels ride.

 *Hakuoki doesn’t focus much on “familial bonds” and shows plenty more fight scenes than Doten ni Warau.


Addictive: [  ]

Mildly Binge Watch: [ ]

Watch During Free-time: [x]

Painful to watch (either boring or terrible story line): [  ]


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