Parasyte the Maxim (First Impression)

Genre: Sci-Fi

Status: Ongoing

Author: Hitoshi Iwaaki

One word to describe this anime? Creepy. Two words? Extremely creepy.  Parasyte the Maxim’s gore level is almost on par with Shingeki no Kyojin’s (aka Attack on Titan), and its creep factor is off the charts. However, don’t get scared off because of how disturbing the anime is at the beginning. Parasyte the Maxim actually has an intriguing story-line. Here’s a brief summary that (hopefully) won’t give anything away:

A 17-year old boy, Shinichi Izumi, becomes the victim of a new parasite on earth. These parasites are cannibalistic, viscious, and murder humans without a second thought. Izumi despises the parasites and aims to wipe them off the face of the earth, however, he is unable to battle them without the help of the parasite living in his own body. Through many trials, Izumi begins to come to terms with his parasite, but new problems occur along the way that will affect him, his parasite, and the rest of the humans on earth.

I’m not usually one to enjoy watching Sci-fi animes, but I found Parasyte the Maxim quite fun to watch. Although the character development and plot line evolves fairly quickly, the growth of these two elements contributes to the suspense in each episode. Conversations between characters (especially Izumi and his parasite’s) are also interesting to see since they reflect character growth. Overall, each episode leaves the viewer with more answers, and more questions. For those of you who like cliff-hangers, I would highly suggest this anime to you.


Addictive: [  ]

Mildly Binge Watch: [x]

Watch During Free-time: [  ]

Painful to watch (either boring or terrible story line): [  ]

Special Features (1-5 scale, 1 being the least, 5 being the most):

2.5 = Feels, 4 = Cool weaponry, 5 = suspense


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